Hello everyone!

My name is Val and I’m the Founder of Happy Birth Tree.

Ceremonial burial of the placenta has traditionally held spiritual meaning for cultures around the world and many families today find personal meaning with placenta burial ceremonies as well. Some create rituals celebrating the completion of the pregnancy and birth, and honoring a woman’s journey into motherhood. Families also recognize the life giving properties of the placenta, therefore I decided to launch Happy Birth Tree to use the Bios Urn at the start of life, and grow a tree to celebrate the birth of the newest member of the family.

The news spread fast and in a few days, the Mirror and other international magazines were talking about us! Mothers, nurses and midwives have all being saying how much using the Bios Urn to grow a placenta tree was needed, and how brilliant an idea it is. We are also very proud to say that our Happy Birth Tree is the first company in the world to use the Bios Urn to grow a placenta tree!

Happy planting!


Bios Urn is a company driven by Gerard and Roger Moliné, two brothers that believe design, in conjunction with nature, has the ability to change the world.
Supported by more than 15 years of natural projects, Bios offers a smart, sustainable and eco-friendly solution to approach an inevitable phase of human life.

Bios aims to change the way people see death, converting the “end of life” into a transformative process and promoting a return to life through nature.
Behind the company lies a two-man studio that seek to explore and improve humans habits through a constant dialogue with nature. Roger and Gerard Moliné have demonstrated this particular point of view in Naturalment – Thinking Nature. Naturalment is an art exhibition that explores natural materials, shapes and processes to understand the inner logic and workings of nature. The same logic that can then be applied to products and humans habits. Read more about naturalment.