Create a memory from one of life’s most precious moments, your children’s birth, and celebrate the life of the newest member of your family, planting a  Bios Baby to grow a tree for your bundle of joy!
By using your placenta to assist in the growth of the chosen tree or plant, you are creating an everlasting memory of your very special day. This tree will become a part of you, a part of your baby and a part of the family. It will be the same age of your child and will grow side by side with him. You will be able to now spend precious time, creating more fond memories with your little one as you both nurture it and watch the plant grow leaf by leaf, every budding flower a little celebration of their lives. Flowers that make for perfect gifts for other members of the family. 

Price refers to an original Bios Baby and includes GST

Due to Australia’s quarantine laws, diverse country landscape and climatic conditions, the Bios Urn arrives from Spain with no seed. On request, we are able to supply seeds, seedlings, shrubs and tube-stocks of your choice.
Price will be calculated on top of the Bios Baby price.

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