Baby Bios

Imagine if your babies had their own tree and could grow side by side with it.
would learn to feel the profound spiritual connection with Mother Earth and have a stronger sense of self-fulfilment and purpose.
They would be able to observe changes across the four seasons, to celebrate the miracle of flowers blooming and see how birds build their nest.
They could learn to look after their tree…your tree, together with you.
Can you imagine any better gift than that?
A tree’s a joy.


Constructed in two sections, the Bios Baby is made up from 100% biodegradable materials. The upper section sits on top of the capsule and contains an organic growth medium designed to provide optimum growth of your selected seedling of choice, and modified specifically for our varying climatic conditions within Australia.

The lower section houses the placenta. The placenta remains safely encapsulated inside the Bios Baby, protecting it from the environment and any pets you may have. This also ensures your chosen tree gets the same nutrient rich start that your baby received. You have unlimited choices to choose a seedling that you both like, and are confident will grow in your selected planting location. Some choose to grow Australian Natives, filling the yard with flowers and birds, others fruit trees or even rose bushes. The choice is yours. If you are renting you may even choose to grow a seedling in a pot plant allowing you to take your special plant wherever you move. Bios Baby is an eco-alternative, which can be purchased in our Shop for safe keeping by anyone any time. Making it ideal for baby shower presents, for expecting mums to be.